A Giant Lego Brick Toolbox That Transforms Into a Lego-Filled Workshop

Here’s one dad who will probably be getting an extra tie this Father’s Day. When Tez Gelmir saw how much time his kid was wasting searching through his Lego collection instead of actually building, he was inspired to create this rolling storage unit to keep them all sorted and organized.


There isn’t a Lego fan in the land—young or old—who wouldn’t love to have a similar setup for storing and playing with their own collections. The color-coded bins on the inside are labeled so that it’s quick and easy to find exactly the piece you need. While the lip around the work table ensures pieces aren’t accidentally getting knocked onto the floor.

And if designing and building this masterpiece for his kid wasn’t enough, Gelmir has also documented the whole process and put it on Instructables for anyone who wants to build their own. But if woodworking isn’t your expertise, there’s no reason you can’t try and build it out of Lego instead. [Instructables via Technabob]

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