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Humans haven't even been off-planet for a century and we're already leaving trash everywhere. The moon. Mars. Our atmosphere. It's gross. And honestly it was only a matter of time before a similar digital barrage began.

Lone Signal is a project that will allow people to transmit any message they want into space. METI (Messaging for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) is not a universally accepted practice, though, because some scientists fear it will come back to bite us. I can't imagine why. But still people are lining up to send digital junk out into the abyss.


The first GIF is going out on Tuesday when the project launches. Designed by conceptual artist Kim Asendorf, the GIF depicts Asendorf viewing . . . something and is aptly named, "Humans Watching Digital Art." Hopefully Lone Signal will make contact with aliens who can weigh in on the hard-g, soft-g debate. Because otherwise, what's the point? [PetaPixel]

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