A Gift for Our Beloved Commenters

As an early Christmas present to our commenters, we are announcing new and improved commenting features. These new features include following friends, tracking comments and an updated profile page. Since we know you're gonna love your present, here's how it works.

To use these new features you must first log in at the top of the page with your comment ID and password. If you do not already have a commenting account, simple click the "new user" link to sign up. After you have logged in, your commenting ID will be displayed at the top the page, click it, and it will take you to your very own commenting home/profile page. From this home page you will be able to keep track of your commenting buddies and also view your comments, edit your avatar, email and AIM.

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To make a friend, simply find a comment that you liked and to the right of it you will see a small + button. Click that + button and you will now be following that user just like your friends in real life. Not only are you able to view your newly added friend's comments, but you are also able to view who is following you.

To view your newly added friend's comments, there is a "friends" link at the top of the page where you logged in earlier. If you change your mind and decide you no longer enjoy reading a friend's stupid banter, you can remove them from your friends list by clicking the x button under the friends section of your personal home page.

You not only have the ability to follow and remove friends but also the ability to leave friend's a personal message on their profile page. Clicking a friend's commenter name will take you to their profile page, from there you can view all of their comments and leave that special personal message.


We hope you enjoy your early present and if you encounter any problems while using these new features please let us know in the comments below or at tips@gizmodo.com, and be sure to note your OS and browser type. Happy Commenting!!!

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