Admit it; you've thought about life in the far flung, alien future. Maybe you've thought about it today, whether it's a skyscraping utopia or a scarred nuclear desert full of mobile monoliths. Artists and architects are thinking about it too, and their visions of what may come will really get your future fantasies cooking.

d3's Housing of the Future competition is just that: a forum for artists and architects and everyone in between to speculate how we'll live into future centuries, and what it could look like.


The winners of the 2014 competition have just been announced and they're all worth a look, but we singled out a few of our favorites that explore the very real future of colonizing the seas, the deserts, and all the less forgiving terrain that we'll only tackle once we're forced to.

That said, there's no real predicting the future. After all, we're still not living under domes. But if there's nothing about living in a floating cube in the ocean, or roaming fortress barges that stirs you, you're in luck: this probably isn't coming any time soon. But a guy can dream, can't he? [d3 via ArchDaily]