A Hammock With LED Lighting and Inflatable Mattress Sounds Like a Hanging Hotel Room

Say what you will about how comfortable a hammock is for sleeping, Eagles Nest Outfitters is working to make them just a bit more hospitable with its new DoubleNest LED that incorporates a string of glowing lights so you can read, adjust your sleeping bag, or easily find your way back after a bathroom break.

The $100 DoubleNest LED is an upgraded version of ENO’s two-person DoubleNest hammock that can support up to 400-pounds as long as you find a pair of sturdy trees to use as anchors. Its integrated LEDs are powered by three AAA batteries that can be maxed out with adjustable brightness settings, and there’s even a flashing strobe mode for hammock emergencies.


For those who’d rather sleep on a pile of rocks than try to get comfortable in a hammock, ENO has also designed the $100 AirLoft which it bills as the world’s first self-inflating air mattress designed specifically for use in a hammock. The AirLoft’s biggest innovation is a set of inflatable wings that serve as a barrier between you and the hammock’s fabric walls, but they also provide additional insulation for cold nights when your sleeping back isn’t quite cutting it.

[Eagles Nest Outfitters via Gizmag]

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