A Hanging Fish Bowl

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Now, if you expect me to say something intelligent or useful about this item, think again. It's a fishbowl. What do you say about fishbowls? The only feature that sets this particular one apart, is the fact that, as you can plainly see in the picture, you can hang it on the wall and get away with calling it "Art". It looks kinda neat too, though if it was up to me, I'd add an LED or two, just for good measure.

It sticks out by 5 inches and holds about a gallon of water. That seems to be suitable for a couple of goldfish and it'll cost ya $30. I imagine the ladies out there might appreciate this a little bit more than me. -DP

The Hanging Fish Pod [PostModernPets via Productdose]

UPDATE - Fish lover Rich writes:

erm, I really hate to do this, but I just forwarded my girlfriend the link to that Hanging FishBowl via Gizmodo and immediately she came back with the line:

"you couldn't keep a siamese fighting fish (betta splendens) in there, as pictured, as there is no nice way of putting a water heater in there... unless you hung it in a room that was a constant 75degrees I suppose. snort."