A Hitman Strikes on Halloween in the First Trailer for Hulu's Into the Dark Anthology

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Usually, horror movies about Halloween center around guys in creepy masks who live for terror, or actual bona fide monsters. But what if the main character is just a killer-for-hire who’s caught in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The debut trailer for “The Body”—the first in a series of monthly holiday horror flicks from Hulu and Blumhouse—has arrived. It stars Tom Bateman (Jekyll and Hyde) as Wilkes, a professional assassin who’s tasked with transporting a body on Halloween night, only to get caught up in the festivities. You see, people are really into his costume—at least until they find out it’s real. Wilkes eventually uses this to his advantage, because why not have a little fun? After all, it’s Halloween.

This Halloween flick is just the first in a series of 12 monthly horror films that will be released over the course of the year, with each one taking place around a specific holiday. For example, next month’s episode centers around a family get-together at Thanksgiving, followed by Christmas, New Year’s Day, and even a Mother’s Day episode. During a Hulu event earlier this year, Blum said no holiday was off limits.


Into the Dark’s debut film, “The Body,” debuts on Hulu October 5.