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A Life-Sized Alien Statue To Scare The Hell Out Of Your Guests

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

I mean, come on. If you're buying something like this, you're buying it to aid in scaring the living bejesus out of your friends and family too, right? The mere fact that it looks incredible is practically a bonus at that point.

Header Image Credit: Jason Melcher. All images credited as such unless otherwise stated.

Based on the Alien's appearance in Aliens, the statue is made by Hollywood Collectibles. It's apparently around 7-ish feet tall, and comes on a based including a Colonial Marines pulse rifle and helmet (presumably all that's left of whatever poor sod just came across said ginormous Alien monster) — but it's not just the size of the statue that's impressive, it's all the details that have gone into it. All the ribbing and sinew looks appropriately slick and wet, and there's just so much detailing that it's genuinely a bit scary looking. Combine that with the fact that it's also bloody gigantic, and you can begin to imagine the fun you could have scaring the crap out of people with it. Imagine bumping into this thing in a dark room!


If you've got the money and the space alongside the inclination to harbour a mahoosive Alien warrior in your home, there's not a lot of information out about the statue just yet — There's currently no price on the statue, but I'm willing to be that the answer is going to be "a lot". Hollywood Collectibles will début the full statue later this year at San Diego Comic-Con.


[Nonsolohobby via Toyark]

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