This is the touchscreen remote for the Litl TV box, which aims to go where no man has gone before (since 1998): To turn your TV into a legit web browser with a new generation of web apps.


Anybody who remembers WebTV is probably immediately skeptical of an attempt to use TV as a medium for the web. Litl says they're different though, because they want to create web apps "that offer group experiences." Okay. Litl does recognize, at least in theory, the vast gulf between web content designed for the computer, and where the TV sits, literally and metaphorically:

When you're leaning back on a couch, those OS's don't work. So we've rethought how the browsing experience could work on a couch, at 10 feet away. What we really wan to deliver is an excellent web experience on TV, which doesn't exist yet.

So that's hopeful.

The box runs Litl's OS—open, of course, to encourage app development—and it's designed to sit next to your cable box, pumping web content to your TV over HDMI. The sliding remote works as a touchscreen or pops out a little keyboard (necessary for web stuff, obvs). And the guts will be pretty powerful, at least Mac mini level, so it'll have the juice to produce these "group" experiences.


We'll see how this goes, but check out more over at Fast Company for now: [Fast Company]

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