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I stumbled upon this story from last week in the New York Times. It is a first-person account of buying an HDTV. This is a bit different than the regular buying an HDTV story, because the man, William Hamilton, has spent most of his adult life without television. He bought a 40-inch Sony Bravia XBR LCD HDTV and told his tale of the introduction to television, high-definition television.

In an e-mail, Dr. Kubey from Rutgers told me I would begin eating meals in front of the television. I have. Over a bowl of spaghetti and a glass of red wine, I watched "Battlestar Galactica" until my neighbor complained about the noise — something that I marked proudly as a rite of passage, as he went back upstairs to begin anticipating the worst.


For any regular, television watcher, this is a must read. Honestly, I don't think I have gone a day in my life without watching television in some form or another, bravo William, and welcome to the world of television. You will be a bloop blooping TiVo'er in no-time.

Rip Van Winkle Awakens to a Flat-Screen Life [NY Times]