A Man Is Going to Prison for Hacking a Billboard to Play Porn (NSFW)

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Oh Igor Blinnikov, you prankster you! A year ago, the Russian man hacked a highway video billboard in Moscow and rigged it so it would broadcast porn. Traffic stopped to a standstill as drivers enjoyed the public peep show. Good one Igor, funnies all around!


Um, not so much. Authorities were not amused and found that Igor pulled off the stunt in his home in a town some 700 miles away from Moscow. According to Blinnikov, he hacked into the server of the advertising agency which controlled the 20x30ft billboard and chose to stream a random video on a random billboard. He admitted to the crime, saying it was a "bad joke".

Turns out officials thought it was a horrible joke because Blinnikov was finally sentenced today and they were not light on him: Igor will serve 18 months in prison for his graphic billboard hack (in addition to 4 1/2 years of prison time from another crime). That's rough, man.

If you're curious (and I know you are) the NSFW video of the hacked billboard playing porn can be found here. [Daily Mail via Switched]


a cat named scruffy- live from Caldor

He could have hacked into a financial institution stolen money and gotten the same amount of time.

This'll teach the other hackers to have their priorities straight.