A microscopic view of bubbles gets totally trippy

The existence of bubbles is the world telling people that life is silly and fun is worth having and moments, no matter how short they may be, are worth remembering (until they pop and the sadness settles in). I never knew the existence of bubbles also encouraged us to trip the hell out too. Because when you look closer—like, microscope close—things get totally weird. And strange. But beautiful?


Here’s StereoKarma’s microscopic view on soap bubbles:


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It is amazing to me when you watch that video, that while there is so much activity happening on the surface of every bubble, isn’t it funny how there is virtually no interaction in the surface activity from one bubble surface to another? Its like they are separate universes. It makes me think that our universe is just one little part of one surface of one big bubble, among many bubbles that it never interacts with. We’ll never know that though, even with all our telescope advances. we can’t even see far enough across our own bubble.