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A Motorized Kayak For When You're Too Pooped To Paddle

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Kayaking and canoeing are supposed to be all about just you and the water. No distractions, no risk of crashing, and definitely no motors. But why limit your range of exploration to your stamina when the Mokai ES-Kape kayak features a hidden electric motor propelling you as far and as long as the battery holds up. four-stroke jet-drive gas engine propelling you as far as a full tank will take you.

The ES-Kape is actually the latest version of the Mokai, and features a lighter and stiffer hull, and a new modular design that disassembles and stashes away inside itself for easy transport. Re-assembly takes just a couple of minutes with no extra tools required, and before your $4,800 check clears you'll be cruising across the lake unhampered by your inability to properly use a paddle. [Mokai via Uncrate]