A Must Have Apartment For Millionaire Clock Lovers

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This Brooklyn apartment has everything you desire. Privacy, space and a breath-taking panoramic view that will knock your socks off.

The $23.5 million penthouse apartment has four clock-styled windows that gaze upon Manhattan, the Statue of Liberty, and both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. You can rest in one of its three bedrooms or solitude in one of its three bathrooms which have stone floors with radiant heat. Oh, the decadence of warm feet in the winter.

For the geeky folk, it's located in the converted 1914 Clock Tower building which was outfitted with 12-speed CAT wiring and Smart Home technology that lets you control the A/C, lighting and AV system. The Clock Tower apartment has been off an on the market since 2009, likely due to its exorbitant price tag. Anyone with a rich uncle or two?
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