A New Apple Store in Spain Is Being Built on 15th Century Ruins

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Here's a fun game: archeological dig or building a new Apple Store? In at least one case, the answer is both. In what's supposed to be the basement of a new Apple Store in Madrid, workers have uncovered a 15th century hospital.


While renovating a building the building at 1 Puerta del Sol, the construction team found the outer walls of the Buen Suceso hospital, which was razed in 1854 in favor of expanding the Puerta del Sol. Some of the ruins had already been discovered in 2009, when a new train station was being erected. This find delayed the construction of the rail station by 10 months, and the wall is now preserved behind glass panels. But Apple is still plowing through with building its 11th Spain location. And while it has preserved historical aspects of other stores (take its Paris Louvre location, for example), that might not be the case with these hospital walls.

Permits for the new store were issued before anyone was aware of the ruins, and apparently the director of Madrid's Heritage Department told Apple it could just build the new floor to "symbolically" mimic the lines of the old walls. Peace history, now please everyone buy some iPads. [El País via 9to5Mac]

Image credit: L. Sevillano/El País


RCU Celaya

This is one of the greatest things to happen to an Apple store and Apple is gonna blow it! Think about it: Turning the ruins into a tourist attraction will mean more people will visit the Apple store! They don't have to go through the Apple store to visit the ruins necessarily, but it's all about location, right?