A New Breed of Camcorder for a New Breed of Citizen Journalist—Or Bootlegger, Whatevs

Just because virtually every cell phone on the face of the Earth now doubles as a camcorder doesn't mean it does a particularly good job of it—especially when tasked with recording in low-light or noisy environments. The Q2HD from Zoom, however, is designed to record (and stream) in full HD regardless of the circumstances.

The Q2HD is a palm-sized camcorder packed with every feature a citizen journalist could need. It captures up to 40 minutes of video in 1080p H.264 on the included 2GB SD card. It also boasts onboard 24-bit/96 kHz Mid-Side stereo recording, which combines a unidirectional front mic and a bi-directional side mic. By adjusting the level of the side mic, you can essentially tune the pair to pick up from a 30-degree to 150-degree swath of stereo field. This results in clearer, more focused audio. What's more, when the Q2HD is tethered to a laptop (Mac and Windows alike), it can broadcast live using many of the popular streaming programs available like Skype, UStream, or Flash Media Live.


The Q2HD will retail for $200 when it is released later this month. But if you can't wait that long, don't despair, we'll have a hands-on review next week. [Zoom via Samson Tech]

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