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A New Calendar Can Solve World Problems, Says Galactic Research Institute

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You've probably been wondering why you feel like your timing is always off. That's because the law of time has been out of whack. Luckily the Galactic Research Institute has a plan - and a new theory of time and telepathy!

The thing is, it will all make sense to you if you just understand the new law of time. According to the Galactic Research Institute:

It is a comprehensive whole system discovery which demonstrates that time is the universal factor of synchronization. The principle formulation of the Law of Time -T(E) = Art, Energy factored by Time equals Art - accounts for the intrinsic elegance of all natural phenomena.

The corollary formulation of the Law of Time states that the velocity of time is instantaneously infinite, a factor which accounts for telepathy and various paranormal phenomena. Yes, time is faster than the speed of light! And we must investigate the mind in order to understand time.

In its essence, time is a frequency expressed as a mathematical ratio constant, 13:20. This constant defines a whole new realm of reality, the synchronic order. This is the fourth dimensional realm where synchronicity is the norm and can actually be mapped out by mathematical codes based on the ratio constant 13:20.

By means of this constant it can be demonstrated that the present civilization is not coordinated by the universal frequency of synchronization, but by an artificial timing frequency which is a major factor contributing to the present global crisis.

Rooted in an irregular 12-month calendar and a mechanistic 60 second/60 minute timing program, this artificial timing frequency (12:60) drives the human species ever farther from the natural order with alienating effects on human consciousness. In this analysis, the evolution of the human species is dependent on a return to the natural timing frequency.

For this reason the primary social application of the Law of Time is the Thirteen Moon/28 day calendar. By making the Thirteen Moon/28-day cycle the harmonic (13:20) standard of everyday time measurement, replacing the irregular twelve-month global standard, the Law of Time establishes a new foundation for the reformulation of the human mind and its systems of knowing.


Can you believe you went this long without understanding the mathematical formula behind the creation of art? Obviously we're going to need a very different calendar if we're ever going to solve the problem of human consciousness. Here's another diagram to really solidify your understanding. I'm pretty sure that this means we'll be traveling through time pretty soon. Or at least through space, which is kind of like the "urban" version of time.


via Galactic Research Institute