To create the perfect Sports Illustrated spread for Houston Rockets star James “The Beard” Harden, photographer Robert Seale decided to double the beauty of the NBA player’s home-team skyline by using a huge piece of Plexiglas to create a mirrored effect.

After all, why have a portrait with one excellent beard in it when you can have a portrait with two excellent beards?


Seale cobbled the rooftop shoot concept together quickly, and decided to use the Plexiglas for a simple reason: “Because the parking garage is white concrete, and it’s ugly. That, and I’m a sucker for reflection pictures,” he wrote about the process. Here’s the crew making the last-minute glassy platform.

And here’s the finished SI spread:


[Petapixel | Robert Seale]

Photos republished with permission from Houston-based commercial photographer Robert Seale

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