If you and your bedmate wake up at different times in the morning, the Privacy Pillow's leather-lined secret compartment will let the earlier riser use their smartphone as an inaudible vibrating alarm that's impossible to miss when it's time to get out of bed.


Besides a conspicuous opening on one side—which can be easily hidden with a pillow case—the Privacy Pillow looks and feels like a regular bedroom pillow. You can stuff a couple of prickly cacti in there and not feel them while you toss and turn.

And thanks to the pocket's leather lining and self-closing opening, whatever you stuff inside the $30 Privacy Pillow—be it your phone, valuables, or a passport—won't fall out in the middle of the night. So in theory it's a great way to protect things while traveling—except, who brings their own pillows on a trip? [Privacy Pillow via Dude I Want That]