A Pneumatic Guitar Is the Worst Kind of Air Guitar

If you suck at guitar, there are plenty of solutions. Give up, practice more, or maybe just join a punk band where nobody will notice. Whatever you do, don't get a pneumatic guitar like this one to play for you.


Put together by Clippard Instrument Laboratory, this guitar uses 62 pneumatic cylinders that work together to finger, pick and strum the gutiar's strings, as well as creating percussive sounds along the way. Hey, it's even controlled by an iPad!

Stop this madness, Clippard. It sounds and looks awful. This is a great example of people throwing technology at a problem that doesn't exist; a waste of time, effort, money and resources. Crap guitar players: how about this instead? [Design News]



I wish the two guys would shut up long enough to let us hear how it sounds.