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A Porg Made of Sushi Rice Is Probably Chewbacca's New Porg Meal of Choice

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Before he got to know the little space-puffins of Ahch-To, Chewie was all in on his roasted Porg. Now that he’s befriended them, and even seemingly turned a few into fellow co-pilots by the end of The Last Jedi, he’d probably be more inclined to snack on this giant, bento-box-friendly alternative.

This cute video from Disney Parks offers a much more fun variant on edible Porgs than the internet’s preferred discussion of what kind of meaty flavor profile the poor birds of the galaxy far, far away actually have. This Porg doesn’t require contemplating the roasting of Ahch-To’s cutest critters, and instead requires artfully shaping together heaping piles of delicious sushi rice—before presumably admiring your artistic talents for a few seconds and proceeding to devour it.

But honestly, Porg-shaped or otherwise, who needs an excuse to chow down on what is basically a hulking ball of seasoned rice? Rice is good, regardless of how adorably it’s shaped.