There are some emergencies in life that don't leave you panicked. Like if you happen to stumble across a sunset at a gorgeous park and desperately need to picnic, or you've wandered into an outdoor concert and need somewhere to sit. For those moments the Matador, a nylon waterproof blanket that can easily squeeze into your pants pockets, exists.

Made from a lightweight material called HyprLyte Nylon, the blanket is less than 90 microns thick, but is hard to tear, and won't let moisture through if stretched out on wet ground. Weighted corners help keep it in place, and it's available in two different sizes: a larger version wide enough for two people to lay down, and a smaller version for one that still sits multiple persons.

Because the Matador's material is so thin, it can be folded in half again and again, eventually leaving you with a compact stack of nylon that looks no larger than an overstuffed wallet. And to ensure you're always folding it right, it's even got crease lines stitched into the material so it's hard to screw up.


It's only a five dollar difference between the larger and smaller versions—$25 compared to $20—so you're probably better off just getting the bigger one and leaving it partly folded if you're tight on space. Who knows when that extra spot to sit might come in handy? [Matador via BlessThisStuff]

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