A Raincoat for Members of the Wizardry or KKK

Illustration for article titled A Raincoat for Members of the Wizardry or KKK

I can't imagine a normal person having a use for this crazy raincoat but if you're a wizard and/or KKK member, you'd probably like to protect your headgear from getting wet too. This limited edition raincoat does just that for you.


More seriously, if the designer just took away that pointy tip, I might actually like this. The cut of the raincoat is Batman-esque and the color is understated (with just a tinge of flair in the orange splash effect). But I can't ignore that godforsaken tip. It's impossible to overcome. Just check out a group of them together:

All I can see is either a group of witches or a bunch o' racists. [Ole Jensen via Core77]


I don't see how this resembles a KKK robe. It's not pointing straight up and it's not a white robe nor any color of the higher ups from what I've seen in pictures. It's silly to even think that, but I guess having a black president makes bloggers see racial issues in everything...