Lego wants to produce a reality TV show—wait, what the hell?

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Lego is bringing something other than kids shows to the small screen with a Reality TV show for 2015. Jill Wilfert, Lego's vice-president of global licensing and distribution states that Lego is:

Exploring some reality competition show formats, which is new for us: the idea of becoming a Master Builder is something we think could be quite resonating.

You will continue to see us in this entertainment and content space. We are working on a new property that will launch with a TV series in 2015, and we are focusing on having real interactivity.


I can only speculate that this show would be similar in format to Hell's Kitchen, but instead of displaying their prowess as chefs among a slew of expletives, Lego fans from around the globe will compete in building competitions trying to win a job as a Lego Master Builder.

The success of such an idea mostly depends on the audience that they are going to try to pull. If they staff the show with artists/builders who are well versed in Lego and who are actually going to build things that are exciting, massive or just cool, it could be a hit. I think even people that aren't into Lego would watch that. If this is a television show about kids building mostly shit, I think they are probably out of luck.

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