The lights strapped to your bike only keep you safe at night as long as they're visible. When they die, you're just another shadow that drivers barely notice. So not only does the rechargeable Eagle 600 boast a whopping 600 lumens of light, it's also got a built-in OLED display letting you know exactly how much longer it will stay lit.

A pair of LEDs is actually what lets the Eagle 600 produce so much light, and at full intensity its 3,100 mAh battery will keep them running for about an hour and a half. But you can boost that runtime with a lower intensity setting, or activating the bike light's flashing mode. And all the while the tiny OLED display will show you the estimated runtime based on whatever setting you're using.

The Eagle 600 is also completely waterproof, can be easily recharged via a sealed USB port on the back, and comes with a quick-release mount for your bike's handlebars so it can be removed for quick night-time repairs. At $160 there's no sugarcoating the Eagle 600's expensive price tag, but if you've ever had a run-in with a nasty car at night because your bike light died, it just might be worth it. [Magicshine via GearJunkie]