A remote shutter release for your smartphone's camera can help you get better photos, but they're not terribly useful unless you've got one with you when it's time to take one. iLuv's new Selfy offers a clever solution to the problem of carrying one around everywhere by building one right into a case.

Selfy's remote slides out from a little slot in the back of a case that fits around your iPhone 5/5S (Galaxy S5 is coming soon). It connects to your phone via Bluetooth, and it's crazy simple to use. When I ripped the sample iLuv sent us out of the package, I had it up and running in about two minutes. Just hold the remote's shutter down for four seconds and connect to it through your Bluetooth preferences. Your phone will remember the remote after you've paired it up once. After you wake up the remote, fire up you camera app and snap away. And when you're done, the remote fits back in perfectly.


The case is smartly designed with squared sides that allow you to prop up your phone across the room. This, of course, makes Selfy bulkier than some would like. And for $50, maybe a tad pricey unless you're the kind of vain soul who's obsessed with yourself. But these days, who isn't? [iLuv]

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