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A Room That Mimics Anti-Gravity

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What if you lived in an anti-gravity house? Or, better yet, what if your house somehow rotated on an axis? The architects at Bureau Spectacular tried to design a room with that in mind.

The designers set out to create a space where every surface was usable, showing how your feng shui decisions will change when they're not anchored to the ground:

This installation grew from the hypothesizes that in zero-gravity, one can rotate in architecture and treat all surfaces as plans – i.e., walls, ceilings and floors. Without gravity, all surfaces can be occupied. The distinctions between orthographic drawings become obsolete. To this end, the installation is a structure rotating once an hour – at the same rate as a clock.


The whole Phalanstery Module makes a full rotation in one hour, meaning you'll be able to make use of one surface every 15 minutes. It'd be like living in that fight scene in Inception, though presumably without the booming score. [Architizer via NOTCOT]