A Rotating House Makes For One Dizzy Dwelling

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Over the last month or so, residents of Tilburg in the Netherlands have bore witness to artist John Körmeling's bizarre artistic vision. The project, nearly a decade in the making, involves a rotating house sitting smack dab in the Hasselt roundabout—a spot that has been designated to showcase works of art (not to mention acting as one of the most important gateways to the city).


Powered by solar panels, the full-scale model house makes one complete rotation every 20 hours—which results in a rather disorienting experience for commuters who frequently travel in and out of the city. The house is uninhabited, but if a drunken bum should ever wander in there to sleep one off, he is in for one hell of a hangover. [Project Page via Flabber via RGS]

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Weird. I thought I saw this article on Giz before.

BTW, why 20 hours? Why not make it a complete 24?