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A Samsung official has officially confirmed that the Galaxy Gear smartwatch is indeed arriving on September 4th as we thought — and that it won't have the flexible display Samsung's been experimenting with. The Galaxy Note III phablet will also be unveiled alongside the wrist device. [Korea Times via TechCrunch]


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Interested to see how this watch works. If it will be a tethered remote for your phone or if it will have more capabilities. Personally I would like it to be able to make calls. Once that happens I would get the watch and a 6-7 inch "phone" since I rarely EVER make a phone call but I watch movies, TV, browse the web, listen to music, play games, and many other things on my screen. The bigger screen on my S4 over my old Thunderbolt is great, and a smart stylus. Kinda wish I could have waited to get the Note 3 but could not wait another 6 months with the dying T-Bolt.