A Sensitive Pillow That Detects Your Misery and Comforts You

The thing that sucks about sadness is that, sorry, no one is ever going to be there for you. Except this pillow. It's not a person, but it's smart like one, and it bursts into song when you need it most.

The Sleepy Weepy Pillow NEEDS to exist because sad people are really depressing, and depressing people are usually lonely. Something needs to stop the downward spiral. The Sleepy Weepy Pillow is outfitted with a moisture sensor that detects your tears, and triggers a built-in speaker to play music or a comforting message. I'm assuming the Sleepy Weepy Pillow isn't recommended for folks who drool in their sleep or have over-active sweat glands.


If you want a Sleepy Weepy Pillow, head over to Instructables and follow the step-by-step instructions to construct one of your own. The process requires a few tools, but it's pretty straightforward if you're comfortable with a soldering iron. And who knows, maybe the simple act of getting off your bed to build something will jump-start your spirits. By the time you're done, you might not need a comforting pillow anymore. [Instructables]



The pillow should just emit a calming psychotropic gas instead. (in case nibbles strikes) [chzmemebase.files.wordpress.com]