A Size Comparison of (Almost) Everything

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If you've always wondered how big, say, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is relative to the Sydney Opera House, then this is the visualization for you: a size comparison of (almost) everything.


Put together by sixteen-year-old deviantART user Lexinator117, this HUGE visualization compares a mixture of fictional characters and real-life objects. Lexinator117 explains his research:

ALL SIZES are well researched, you are welcome to ask how. If a size could not be proven for something, i did not include it.

The full images is reproduced below: click on it to explore it in its full glory. Oh, and if you were wondering exactly what's included, you can find a full list below the image, too [Lexinator117 via Flowing Data]

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1. Woman/Man
2. Krogan
3. Zealot (starcraft)
4. Elite (halo)
5. Starship Troopers Warrior Bug
6. Brute
7. Beserker (GoW)
8. Handyman
9. Hunter (halo)
10. Hydralisk
11. Elephant
12. Chocobo
13. King Kong
14. T. rex
15. Mantis (halo)
16. AT-ST
17. Rancor
18. Optimus Prime
19. Balrog
20. Treebeard
21. Elephant (halo)
22. Dragon (skyrim)
23. Brumak
24. Brachiosaurus
25. AT-AT
26. Deathwing
27. Ultralisk
28. Tripod (book size)
29. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
30. The Mayflower
31. Millennium Falcon
32. Statue of Liberty
33. Rocket and Shuttle
34. Cloverfield Monster
35. Colossal Titan
36. Scarab (halo)
37. Titanic
38. American Godzilla
39. Godzilla
40. Monsters vs. Aliens Probe
41. Reaper Destroyer

1. Blue whale
2. Normandy SR2
3. Starship Enterprise (original series)

1. Sydney Opera House
2. Great pyramid of Giza


Hmm, doesn't seem quite complete...

Ah, here we go, just go from the Enterprise and looks at this:

Here's a link to the full sized chart.