If you'd rather bring your faithful companion with you on a camping trip than have them stuck in a kennel for a week, you're probably going to want them to be as comfortable as you are. And if they're too big to share your sleeping bag, the Noblecamper gives them their own cozy place to crash every night.

Available in three sizes starting at $159, the Noblecamper squeezes into a compact compression sack like any other sleeping bag, but is designed as a multifunction accessory for your pup.

When first removed it serves as a simple dog bed, giving your pet a comfortable and clean place to lay down that they're not going to be chased out of when you're ready to hit the hay. But a zipper around its base allows the Noblecamper to be turned into a semi-covered sleeping bag for your dog, ensuring their warm throughout the night while sleeping in uninsulated tent.

After all, if there are people endeavouring to take their cats camping, it only makes sense that there are others who wouldn't want to leave their dogs behind. [Noblecamper via Notcot]