A Spirograph Pancake Machine Makes Breakfast Beautiful

Believe it or not, pancake art has become a trendy way to spice up breakfast, with talented chefs showing off their golden brown creations online. But none can match the intricacy of Nathan Shields' batter-spewing spirograph machine known as the Pangraph. It's a work of engineering art unto itself, but the pancakes it produces are truly impressive.

It's probably not the best contraption to use in a busy diner, since the spiral creations take a bit longer to create than your typical stack of flapjacks. And cutting into these pancakes almost feels like defiling a masterpiece, would you pour maple syrup on the Mona Lisa? [Pangraph via BoingBoing]

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Awesome if you like burnt pancakes...

Too much time to finish. The first part is burned long before you get the design done. On top of that where is the fluffy goodness? That is the whole reason we eat pancakes! Fluffy goodness slathered in butter and topped with maple syrup...

I'll take something a little quicker.