A Stubble Detector Lets This Razor Boost the RPMs For Thicker Beards

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In the competitive electric razor market it's more than just the number of blades that makes one model better than another. For example, Panasonic's new ES-LV65-S packs a five-blade cutting system, but that's not why those of us with impossibly thick beards will want one. The razor's also got a built-in sensor that detects the density of stubble on your face and automatically adjusts the motor's speed so the blades easily hack their way through.

The ES-LV65-S is also completely waterproof, allowing you to shave in the shower and run it under water to clean off trimmings. An LCD display provides detailed on information on the razor's automatically chosen shaving mode, when you need to clean it, and when you should replace the blades. It also lets you keep tabs on the remaining battery life, as on a full charge you'll have about 45 minutes to get every last whisker.

It sounds like the Panasonic ES-LV65-S could very well be the Cadillac of electric razors, and with a $450 price tag that's all but confirmed. However, for some of us, shaving, especially every morning, is no picnic. And half a grand is a small price to pay if this makes the chore even just slightly more bearable. [Panasonic]

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I want to give electric razors a second chance, being a gadget nerd, but my Philishave Speed XL rotary shaver was horrible, took longer to get all the hairs than a manual shave ever would, irritated the skin a lot since you had to go over the same spot a bunch to get everything, and gave quite a few cuts and ingrown hairs.

I wonder, how much have modern rotary shavers improved, and does anyone who hated rotary really like foil shavers now?

The Braun Cooltec looks neat (dare I say, cool), it cools the temperature of the foil somehow eliminating one of the big problems, heat.