A sunrise in China's Sea of Clouds is shockingly gorgeous

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Good morning, internet. If your AM routine is anything like mine, it involves swatting lackadaisically at the snooze button until a panicked adrenaline surge levitates you out of bed. But if my bedroom was mysteriously teleported to the "Monkey Gazing at the Cloud Sea" vista in China's Huangshan mountain range, waking up would never be a problem.

Cameraman James Leng awoke at 4 AM to film the dawn. As he explains, "At first it was a tease — the sky got brighter but we did not see the disk of the sun. When it finally began emerging from the grayness of the horizon, a large cloudmist swooped in to block its ascent from view [...] but at long last the mist dissipated." When watching this breathtaking footage, you half-suspect a bunch of irked, pterodactyl-riding, blue cat people will fly into the shot.

[Via Warren Ellis]