A Tabletop Fireplace For Dining Room S'mores

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I admit it: I'm not much one for camping. But why should I go outside to gather around an open flame when I can have one in my own apartment?


The Slate Tabletop Fireplace may not look safe, but... well, okay it doesn't look safe. Comprising two 7.5″ long stainless steel oil lamps anchored to a 10x14-inch base, it's a great way to show your guests that you're pretty sure this whole "candle" thing is just a fad. A point for which $365 is a small price to pay. Right? [Yanko Design]

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This would be perfect right next to my iPad running Scrabble for when I have friends over for game night. Now I'm up to $2,065 for me and all of my friends to play Scrabble together on our iPhones and iPad.