A Teensy Falcon and the Winter Soldier Featurette Salutes the Series' Most Satisfying Fight

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Florence Kasumba as Ayo.
Florence Kasumba as Ayo.
Screenshot: Marvel Studios

So far, at least. It’s certainly reasonable that the Disney+ series has something even grander planned for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s final two episodes, but whatever spectacle is on the way, it’s hard to imagine it being more satisfying than last week’s episode, where Ayo (Florence Kasumba) and the Dora Milaje utterly handed the crappy new Captain America (Wyatt Russell) his star-spangled ass without breaking a sweat.

Yes, John Walker’s utterly humiliating defeat will inevitably lead him to take that dose of the super-soldier serum he snagged, making him significantly more powerful and self-righteous, and a very tough foe for Falcon (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky (Sebastian Stan) to try and stop. But that doesn’t make the above scene any less enjoyable. Plus, it’s fun to watch Mackie and Stan geek about the Dora Milaje’s inclusion in their show as well as how phenomenally badass they are.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s fifth episode premieres this Friday on Disney+, with the finale following one week later. Why not get ready by watching the entire fight scene, and cheering as that wanna-be Steve Rogers goes down like a chump?

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