A Thanos Figure That Finally Does Marvel's Greatest Villain Justice

It's no longer much of a surprise that Marvel is working to bring one of its great comic book series to the big screen. In the Guardians of the Galaxy we finally got a full look at Thanos as he works to gather the Infinity Gems to eventually assemble the Infinity Gauntlet, and thanks to Hot Toys, we finally have a figure that does that character and storyline justice.


Not surprisingly, since this is a version of Thanos from the Guardians movie, he doesn't come with the infamous Infinity Gauntlet—you'll have to wait a few years for that. But at around 15-inches tall when standing, he will still imposingly tower over your other Hot Toys sixth-scale figures.

With just 22 points of articulation Thanos isn't the most animated Hot Toys figure, but he still comes with various swappable hands for finding the perfect menacing pose, and his stone throne that appears to float thanks to a clear plastic display stand and glowing LED lights underneath. There's no pricing info yet, but Thanos should be available closer to the end of the year for when you're compiling your holiday wish list. [Facebook - Hot Toys via Toyark]


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