A Third Attempt to Turn Scott Westerfeld's Midnighters Trilogy Into a TV Show

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Scott Westerfeld's YA trilogy about kids born at midnight who can walk around during the 25th hour of the day, when the rest of the world is still, is once again being developed as a possible TV series. This time around, it's the creators of Chuck, Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz, and they're trying to pitch Midnighters to Fox. This time around, Fedak is the sole writer, with Schwartz in a producing capacity.

Top image: Shira-Chan on Deviant Art

Over on Westerfeld's own blog, he points out that Fedak and Schwartz just have a "script commitment," meaning they'll write a pilot script and see what happens. But if all goes well, this show could be on the air as soon as fall 2013. Westerfeld's not personally involved — he has "less control over Midnighters than my other "properties," for reasons too boring to go into here."


This is the third attempt to make a Midnighters TV show. The first was produced by Charmed's Brad Kern, for the CW half a dozen years ago — and Westerfeld was unhappy with Kern's decision to "age up" the main characters to their mid-twenties. The second attempt happened a few years later, when former Tru Calling writer Chad Hodge tried to adapt the books into a series for NBC.


So... will the third time be the charm? And will the characters stay teenagers? (As Westerfeld pointed out back in 2007, "Twenty-six year olds who . . . stay up till midnight!" doesn't have the same ring as teenagers sneaking around in the blue hour. [Deadline]