A Third Chapter in One of Animation's Greatest Franchises Is On the Way

A third World of Tomorrow is coming.
A third World of Tomorrow is coming.
Screenshot: YouTube

Oh wow, a highly anticipated third film in a big-time animated franchise? What could it be? The Incredibles? There are two of those. A third Frozen? That would make sense. The Secret Life of Pets 3? Dare to dream.


No, it’s none of those. At least not yet. We’re talking about Don Hertzfeldt’s Oscar-nominated World of Tomorrow series, which debuted its amazing first film in 2015, had a follow-up in 2017, and apparently, will have a third episode in the near future. The director took to his Twitter Monday to drop a teaser trailer for what’s called World of Tomorrow Episode Three: The Absent Destinations of David Prime. Check it out.

The first two World of Tomorrow films followed a character named Emily who makes multiple versions of herself which then travel through time and space to talk to one another and explore the meanings of the universe. That’s just scratching the surface but that’s the gist. After the release of two, Hertzfeldt hinted that he wasn’t done with the franchise and that a third episode may follow a new character other than Emily. Now, going by this title, it seems that’s exactly what happened.

When, or how, we’ll see World of Tomorrow Episode Three is as yet unknown. Hopefully, there’s some deal with a streaming service that can get all three films on there together. For now, as per the teaser, we’ll keep an eye on Hertzfeldt’s Twitter and website.

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Dr Bob

I watched the two of those while I was very very drunk and they were mind blowing . I watched them sober a few weeks later and , they were still mind blowing.