A Tiny Grill That Looks as Lovely as Your Beautifully Marbled Meats

Ikea is typically the go-to furniture store for apartment dwellers with minimal space, students on a budget, or do-it-yourselfers with a hex wrench fetish. The Swedish chain doesn't necessarily appeal to everyone, particularly furniture snobs, but it's hard to not see the charm in this sleek Lillon BBQ.

Looking something like the awkward spawn of an over-sized insect and a lanky shaved poodle, the $99 Lillon is adjustable so you can use it fully standing as pictured, or in a tabletop configuration like a hibachi. And a few charcoal briquettes is all that's needed for a relaxing BBQ on your sprawling deck or cramped balcony. [Ikea via BLTD]


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