A Tiny Wacom Stylus Is a Perfect Phone Companion (If You Don't Lose It)

This stubby little stylus might look more like a crayon than something you'd usually use with your tablet, but it could be just the thing if you only occasionally need to ditch your digits for something more precise.

Joining its bigger brothers—the Stylus Feel, Solo, Pocket and Duo—the Bamboo Stylus Mini is just 1.85 inches long and comes attached to a handy little dummy mini-jack plug so you don't lose it. Or at least, not straight away at any rate.


Despite looking a bit like your child's Crayola, it's actually brass plated and comes with replaceable nibs, which come in firm or soft flavors. It also comes in a range of rather vile colors—take your pick from conservative black or white, or more revolting green, blue, pink or red—and will set you back $20. Bank on spending rather more than that in total, though, given how many you'll invariably lose down the back of the sofa. [Wacom via Engadget]

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