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A Trailer For The Interview, as Directed By Kim Jong-Un

The Interview, the most talked-about crap movie of 2014, was not very flattering to North Korea's leader. Actually, it showed his head going pop. But what would happen if the film were directed by the DPRK's glorious leader, rather than those American fascists?


This YouTube video, which comes to us courtesy of an anonymous YouTube uploader, reimagines The Interview as a propaganda film for North Korea. Rather than Kim being a duplicitous dictator who fools poor, naive James Franco, he's depicted as the righteous saviour of a nation, a fearless warrior campaigning against American misinformation and imperialism.

And, to be honest, I think it would be far more watchable than the original. [YouTube via Mashable]

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"the most talked-about crap movie of 2014"

There are movies way, way crappier out there. I don't know why Gizmodo (and some other Kinja blogs) hate The Interview so much, feels almost like they launched a vendetta against the movie.