Android 2.0 is very much looking like it was just a beta for Android 2.1, which seems, quite frankly, awesome. Let's take a look at everything it has to offer.


A few non-visual things to know about Android 2.1. Everybody will get access to it when it goes open source in a few days (hurray!). There's still no multitouch in Google apps. But! The internal storage limit on applications will be going away soon with an upgrade Google mentioned.

It's on the Nexus One, which Google's selling right now, first.

The big question: Will your Android phone get it? The official response is that they intend to upgrade every device to the best software version they can support. Not all phones and chips can support all software revisions, like not all old computers can run Windows Vista or Windows 7.

We know every phone that was slated to get Android 2.0, like the HTC Hero, is going direct to 2.1, though.