A Way To Organize Your Phone's SMS Text Mess

Even with iMessages, BBM, Google Talk, and the other mobile IM clients out there, most of us still use plain old SMS text messages to do the bulk of our, well, texting. MySMS is a new service that gives texting a lot of the benefits of higher tech forms of communication.


It's pretty simple: You just install an app on your phone—it's available on iPhone, Android, Android tablet, Windows, OS X, and Chrome. It sucks out the SMS texts that are on your phone, and stores them centrally. You can still use your main texting/messaging app, if you just want a text archive, or you can send messages from your browser if you don't want to take your phone out.

Now, yes, Google Voice does all of this. But for anyone who doesn't want to have to distribute another number, and especially anyone who doesn't want to lose all their texts when switching phones, this is a nice little service. There are a few similar services out there, but MySMS seems to work pretty well. Plus, it's free. [MySMS via TheNextWeb]

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Brent Rose

Yeah, to everyone who hasn't tried something like this: receiving and especially sending texts from a computer with a full-sized keyboard will make your life roughly 300% better. There's no going back.