A Web Browser On The Apple Watch Is As Bad As You'd Imagine

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There is a short list of things that smartwatches are good for. Browsing the internet is not one of them.

Apple didn’t include a web browser on its smartwatch, and for good reason. But that didn’t stop noted iOS jailbreaker Comex from hacking one on there. Given that Watch OS is really just a version of iOS 8.2 with a different UI, most of the pieces of the puzzle for enabling a web browser were already in place.


But that doesn’t mean that you should put those piece in place, of course. It’s painfully obvious from the video Conex posted that trying to browse the web on a 42mm screen is stupid (and involves far too much scrolling).


More interesting than the actual browser is the potential for standalone Watch OS apps. At the moment, apps can only really run as extensions of iPhone apps. Apple has promised to open up to real third-party apps sometime later this year, but for now, jailbreakers like Comex are the only ones able to really tinker. Let’s hope they start using their powers for good. [9to5Mac]

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