You know what? It sucks to be undead. People are always trying to bash your skull in. You're hungry for brains, but can't move fast enough to catch things with brains. You're falling apart (literally). Ace Hardware understands you.


A very clever marketing campaign for the Westlake Ace Hardware in Lenexa, Kansas has dedicated an entire sub-section of their website for zombie-related items. There are items and tips for humans to protect themselves against zombies (pick axes, chainsaws, locks) and there are tools for zombies to repair their rapidly decaying bodies (duct tape, caulk, bolts).

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Most of the recommended items are just things you want to have around the house anyway, but should some horrid virus sweep across the world and prove Harold Camping not-crazy, then these items would be really useful. How do I not already own a nail gun? What is wrong with me? [Westlake Ace Hardware via Laughing Squid]

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