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A Wetsuit That Looks Like a Business Suit Is Hybrid Clothing Perfection

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Yeah, bro, I know, life is complicated and you’re a grownup with hardly a minute to spare for shredding gnar. Not to worry, Quicksilver’s new “true wetsuits” are made from that wetsuit-y neoprene material so you don’t have to change between the beach and the boardroom.

Yes, it appears that Quiksilver is actually selling this suit in Japan for the reasonable price of $2,500. The jacket, pants, and tie are both made of 2mm rubbery Neoprene that’s familiar to every surfer. The shirt is made from a tightfitting “Dryflight” fabric developed in conjunction with 3M. The suit comes in three varieties: Two business suits, one in black, one in navy. There’s also a tuxedo style just in case you need to make a s splash at formal party. Handsome surfer man not included.

OK, if you’re the type of person who would actually wear one of these suits to an actual meeting, you are my hero. If you would wear one in the water, amongst the ultra-judgemental dudes from the isolated break, just past the rocks on route 29, well, you’ve got skin so thick I can’t believe you even need wetsuit. Roll over, sweatpant material suit, you’ve got some competition.


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