John Carmack says that not one, but three Quake games are coming to the iPhone—1, 2, and Arena—though his involvement will mostly be to "make sure certain specific things are done the way I want them to be."

The Quake onslaught is in addition to a slew of other id games hitting iPhone: Wolfenstein RPG, Doom 2 RPG and Doom Classic. Interestingly, why he'll be farming out most of the port work, Carmack says he's personally interested in working on some of the stuff made possible by the iPhone 3GS's more advanced hardware: "I certainly want to do this MegaTexture demo for the 3GS stuff, work on that myself."


While there's 40 million current-gen iPhone OS devices out there, I'm totally ready for developers to ditch them so we can see what's really possible on the platform. [Shacknews, Kotaku]

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