A Wonderfully Detailed 16-Page Review of North Korea's Weirdo Tablet

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When we first heard about North Korea's Android-based tablet a few months ago we laughed at first. But once we dug into the specs we did a double take. This thing didn't sound half bad!

Well, North Korea expert Frank Ruediger recently got his hands on one of the Samjiyon tablets and confirmed that sentiment. In 16 very detailed pages, he reviewed the tablet for 38 North, a blog about the DPRK. It's a good one, too. In Ruediger's own words, "This is one of the few cases in my career as a consumer when I got more for my money than I had expected."

Read Ruediger's full review below, and if you want a Samjiyon of your own, start booking a flight now. They don't sell these bad boys outside of Pyongyang and environs.